Life at Pyxis

A human approach to a real collaboration

Pyxis Means

Being part of an organization where you are encouraged to be authentic. Working in collaboration and having fun with people from many different backgrounds. And, of course, benefiting from advantages and social benefits aimed at promoting a healthy balance between work, family and personal life.

Life at pyxis, A human approach to a real collaboration

Our Values 

Guided by the values of respect, caring, excellence and responsibility, the four axes of our Manifesto are intended to guide our actions to offer our employees an exemplary and inspiring work environment.


An inclusive workplace is where everyone is treated with respect and valued for their contribution.


Without benevolence in the face of difference, an organization deprives itself of all the richness that diversity brings.


Excellence comes from continuous learning, innovation and sharing ideas.


A company’s success and openness to diversity are shared responsibilities.

Our Workplace

Pyxis service offering in Training, consulting, and Technology

What We Cherish

  • Our company’s culture is based on our Manifesto, signed by all.
  • Do you have ideas? We want to hear them!
  • Do you have questions or concerns? We want to know!
  • Do you sometimes make mistakes? You will learn from it. Encouraging risk-taking means allowing the right to make mistakes!
  • Do you want to work in a place where laughter and fun are encouraged? It’s a vital requirement for us!
  • Do you want to continue to develop? Your professional development is essential to us and is one of the values of our Manifesto!
  • Do you want to be part of a real team? You will get to know your colleagues in a fun and original way!

Tales & Testimonials

Muriel Sans d’Agut | Director Talent and Culture | Our beloved team


Talent & Culture Director

Recruiting an HRD in an SME is a bit like giving him or her the duplicate keys to the company. You have to have a lot of confidence in the person. And that’s what I felt, day 1, at Pyxis when they hired me: a lot of trust and autonomy, two essential elements to properly support the organization and all its talents. I also discovered a company with an incredible humanity, which focuses on the development of its employees, and a management that is not afraid to embark on our dreams and HR projects as long as it makes our colleagues even happier!

Jean-François | Digital Transformation Specialist, Rebelia’s Team | tales & testimonials


Digital Transformation Specialist, Rebelia’s Team

At Pyxis, there is a real access to skills development. The organization invests in the potential of its talents when the experience is not there. And above all, there is a great willingness to make mistakes, which is seen as an integral part of learning.

Patrick | Principal IT Developer, Done’s Team | tales & testimonials


Principal IT Developer, Done’s Team

Flexibility at Done is truly lived and autonomy is strongly encouraged!

Valeria Rauchwerger | Digital Specialist | tales & testimonials

Valeria Rauchwerger

Digital Specialist

From my first day at Pyxis, I realized that it is a company where it is OK to make mistakes because I will learn from them. Pyxis also taught me to have a balance between my personal and work life, offering a flexible schedule and great teamwork. And although I work remotely, I feel that my colleagues are close to me. At Pyxis they have given me all the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed in my work and I am lucky to say: “I work for Pyxis”.