Our True

The creation of Pyxis comes from a real desire to improve the various elements affecting the organizations, including professional and personal lives of individuals, in addition to making improvements in its industry to make it inspiring. Its choice to turn to agility in the early 2000s responds to this desire to do things differently and to find alternative, progressive and innovative ways of doing things.

We are convinced that the “need to do things differently” does not only serve the business side of the company. It is true that nowadays everything is moving faster and that a company must react more quickly and efficiently to adapt to changes, hence the need to do things differently. But we are also convinced that a global movement began a few years ago to highlight human factors and their importance. The need to do things differently must also respond to this movement and this desire to bring the human factor back into the equation and make work an important element of self-discovery, self-realization, and a feeling of strong contribution while respecting the human being with his weaknesses, doubts, and problems.

To achieve this, Pyxis chose the business world because it is essential in our current society model. We must therefore learn (and help others to learn) to balance the elements that are constantly in tension with each other (the need of the customers, the need of the employees, the need to strive for excellence, the need to be profitable).  We therefore work daily to balance the tensions between Human, Business, Performance and Competency needs, a bit like a spherical bubble level. This is an art and without claiming that we are masters at it, our will is to strive in this direction.

Organizations are important components of social and physical environments, and they exert considerable influence over the choices people make, the resources available to assist them in those choices, and the workplace conditions that might influence their behavior in society. People as employees, are influenced by the organizations to which they belong.

Our Mission

We are devoted to creating exemplary and inspiring work environments and help foster cultures that meet the needs of today’s organizations; We strive through our products, training, customized solutions and consulting to empower organizations to better deal with today’s challenges and complexity.