Pyxis’ aspirations, for the business world, must materialize in a concrete service offering that meets the specific needs of its clients. The individual missions of its subsidiaries, Done, Doceo and Rebelia, respond to the business needs of several organizations and are part of the larger vision of Pyxis.


Doceo | Training adapted to the complexity

Training adapted to the complexity

The training offered by Doceo covers a very good subset of modern practices related to business complexity. Beyond the ways of doing things, Doceo lifts the veil on skills that were previously unknown or unsuspected.

Its catalog continues to evolve to add an element of horizontal and vertical development of individuals (know how AND know-how-to-be), allowing them to better integrate today’s complex perspectives and be better at what they do.


Rebelia | Value-added consulting

Value-added consulting

In addition to acquiring new skills through traditional training, modern companies must dare. They must undertake a transformative process aimed at increasing their ability to juggle complexity. Pyxis assists these companies in this process by helping them understand the issues and make the right choices.

Our consulting approach is results-based and aims at enabling our clients to obtain the desired value, despite the empirical nature of the process and the risks involved. That’s Rebelia’s business!


Done | Technology at the service of humanity

Technology at the service of humanity

The increasingly complex and fast-paced nature of the business world requires the integration of technology. We are in a digital age and technology can help us structure aspects of it. It is no longer a choice, and the daily life of humanity is made of technological elements. Pyxis is a pioneer in agility and its story began with the application of new paradigms in the world of software development and technology at large. Pyxis continues this path and helps its clients meet their business needs by integrating technology and proposing customized solutions and products aligned with the values of the Modern Enterprise and the digital must-haves. This is the service offered by Done Technologies.