Pyxis’ aspirations for the business world must materialize in a concrete service offering that meets the specific needs of its clients. The individual missions of its subsidiaries, Done and Doceo, respond to the business needs of several organizations and are part of the larger vision of Pyxis.

Bespoke Software Development and Technology

Training and Coaching Center

Done | Technology at the service of humanity

Technology at the service of humanity

In a business world characterized by increasing complexity and speed, the integration of technology has become essential. We now live in a digital age where technology structures our lives and businesses, turning the use of technological solutions from a choice into a pervasive necessity in our daily lives. Pyxis, with its avant-garde approach, has always been at the forefront of this transformation, initiating the adoption of innovative paradigms in the field of software development and broad-spectrum technology.

Continuing on this path, Pyxis assists its clients in navigating their business challenges by integrating customized technological solutions. Through Done Technologies, Pyxis offers products and solutions that not only meet immediate needs but are also perfectly aligned with the values of modern businesses and the demands of the digital world. This approach is part of a desire to provide a service that combines innovation, customization, and relevance in the current commercial ecosystem.


Doceo | Training adapted to the complexity

Training adapted to the complexity

Doceo embodies our commitment to knowledge transfer as well as personalized support for our clients. Our mission goes beyond education; it extends to guiding, advising, and supporting each company on its unique journey towards operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Our catalog is continually evolving, incorporating both horizontal and vertical development (skills and character). This evolution enables companies to better navigate today’s complex landscapes and excel in their endeavors.

At Doceo, we do more than share theoretical knowledge; we commit to being by our clients’ side, providing practical experiences, constructive exchanges, and informed advice. This ensures they leave not just equipped but also inspired to initiate significant and positive change. This tailored support lies at the heart of our philosophy, reflecting our deep belief in continuous evolution, grounded in reality and tailored to the specific challenges of each organization.