A Renaissance for Pyxis: A New Chapter Unfolds

In this new year, Pyxis reinvents itself through significant rebranding, illustrating not just an evolution but a profound transformation of its values and essence. This rebranding is not a mere change of image, but a reflection of matured experience and an expanded vision. Here’s why this metamorphosis is crucial:

Illuminating Our Diversity of Services

Originally, Pyxis stood out for its expertise in software development, but with an ambition: to transform this field to reduce failures and frustrations. The discovery of agility was our catalyst, not only improving our work method but allowing us to share this revolution throughout Quebec. By initiating the Agile Tours, Pyxis was at the heart of the agile movement in our region, but today, our identity goes far beyond agility. It’s in our DNA, certainly, but our services encompass a much broader palette, touching the very essence of efficiency and innovation.

Our Business Units: A World of Perspectives

Specialized in the development of custom software solutions and built on a team of experienced developers, Done Technologies transforms challenges into opportunities, optimizing business processes to offer a competitive edge. This approach, where technology serves humanity and strategic objectives, makes Done a pillar of transformation and innovation, ready to tackle the most ambitious challenges.

Within its “lab,” a true innovation incubator, Done explores and experiments, giving birth to cutting-edge technological products, like Blue Memento, our AI-inspired predictive solution.

The training and Support Center Doceo, inspired by the Latin verb ‘Docere’, meaning ‘to teach’, embodies our commitment to knowledge transfer, as well as personalized support for our clients. Our mission extends beyond education; it includes guiding, advising, and supporting each company on its unique journey towards operational excellence and sustainable growth.

At Doceo, we do not just share theoretical knowledge; we engage alongside our clients, offering them practical experiences, constructive exchanges, and informed advice so they leave not only equipped but also inspired to undertake significant and positive change. This tailored support is at the heart of our philosophy, reflecting our deep belief in continuous evolution, grounded in reality and tailored to the specific challenges of each organization.

The Essence of Pyxis: A Human and Evolving Vision

Pyxis is, above all, a constantly evolving community, where every member, collaborator, or partner is invited to grow and flourish. For our founders, real societal progress begins when companies adopt a collective consciousness, promoting values of personal growth and well-being beyond mere financial objectives. At Pyxis, we live according to these principles:

  • Kindness and Authenticity : A climate where everyone can freely express themselves and be authentic.
  • Initiative and Responsible Flourishing : Encouraging everyone to take initiatives and flourish responsibly.
  • Collaboration and Sharing : Valuing teamwork and knowledge sharing.
  • Curiosity and Passion : Stimulating a thirst for learning and personal and professional development.
  • Joy and Conviviality : Creating an environment where work is synonymous with pleasure.

This new identity marks the commitment of Pyxis and its business units, Done and Doceo, to continue spreading our expertise, knowledge, and humanity. Together, we open a new chapter, rich in promises and innovations, for a lasting impact on our organizations and society as a whole.

We are Pyxis, more united, stronger, and resolutely forward-looking.